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At Camp Fit in North Fort Myers, we provide simply the best budget-minded private personal training & facility available. Open to all shapes, sizes, and ages - we are a family owned, family friendly facility!

Picture yourself walking into your very own private personal training club for each session - no people, no lines - just YOU, your dedicated trainer, and our state of the art equipment!

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John Zieglar Says:

Started Camp Fit 4 years ago and could not be happier with my progress. Started somewhere between 280/290 pounds, always going to chiropractor for my neck and back issues. I'm now down over 50 pounds and keeping it off and and have saved a lot of money by not needing a chiropractor. I give Anthony 10 stars for keeping the workout interesting and me motivated to keep coming back.

— John Ziegler

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Emanuel DiMare Says:

"Camp Fit provides a more personal level of training for individuals who feel they are worth more than what they have been given at other institutional gyms. The trainers have more one on one time with each person, even in a class environment. I've been given more then I ever could have expected. Thanks Camp Fit!"

Emanuele DiMare 

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Kerri Freeman Says:

Loved the Bootcamp with Victoria! Can't wait to join again soon!


— Kerri Freeman

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Our Camp Fit

Ohio native, Moody River Resident Daniel Hill is passionate about personal fitness and passionate about healthy living. Dan has devoted his life to personal wellness, from competitive running in his early years, to a relentless focus on longevity and overall health as time progressed. Dan grew up, however, just like many of you and I - unaware how important physical fitness and proper eating was to living a long, balanced life. One day, Dan had a revelation and decided he was going to devote his life to helping others achieve their goals and get what they want - whether that was a fit physique, gymnastic strength, healthy lifestyle, or to overcome illness. Today, you'll find Dan and his lovely family training at the club 5 days a week, constantly supporting members and sharing encouragement. It seems to be working, too - as Camp Fit members have collectively lost over 5000 pounds since 2011!